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Our Donors

We are incredibly grateful to all of the support given by our donors.

Fisch Properties LP

John Katonah

Maxim Schrogin

Len Fisch

Carole Browner

Stuart Marson

Anna Bella Korbatov

Maria Cristini

Yael Schenker

Liliana Osorio

Marlon Maus

Jaime Sepulveda

Angelica Salas

Lovell Jarvis

Ralph Hexter

Gale Berkowitz

Mary Tobin

Maria Cohen

Isabel Balazs

Eva Galvez

Xuelei Pan

Roy Kaplan

Clementina Mantellini

Areli Williams

Laura Wheeler

Fabien H Pisani

Deborah Glik

Ellen Widess

Margaret Raye

Stephany Pizano

Marci Davis

Jillian Hopewell

David Guendelman

Deliana Garcia

Max Lum

Rina Alcalay

John Sprankling

Linda Sternberg

Raul Macias

Lovell Jarvis

Christine Crawford

Juan C Celedon

Linda M Schwartz

Esteban Frenk

Ratna Sarkar

Erik Rodriquez

Scott Cohen

The Music Studio

Marc Schenker

Karen Mountain

Leslie Stayner

Cara Maesano

Daniel Tancredi

Dean Schenker

David Kyle



“I have been hearing a quiet voice that keeps saying…continue, you will be that nurse that you have dreamed... even when I thought I would not overcome, when it seemed impossible for me to keep studying. This scholarship is a great help for me, it will pay for my food year-round, so I can finish my nursing school, I am almost there”.

—  Adalid

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